Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In honor of my angels!

Sad story but happy ending....

I lost the bracelet charm a month ago that I had made in honor of my boys during a Tiffany's shopping spree with my mom a couple weeks after our loss. I had Max's name on one side and Benjamin's on the other. Last week I went to Tiffany's to have a replacement one made which they did for free! I decided that I wanted their names on the same side, together, and the date they were born on the back. I also have two necklaces that I wear. One with all three of my children's names and the other two rings linked together representing the twins!

I got it last night, it's beautiful and something I wear everyday!


DeniFay said...

I love it!! I wear my baby jewelry everyday too, just makes me feel close to them!! Sending you love sweetie!!!

Andrea said...

How incredibly thoughtful that Tiffany's replaced your charm at no cost...the carefully placed angels on Earth are at work again :)

I have a gold necklace with a pair of tiny angel wings attached that I wear to remember Christian. It allows me to hold him close to my heart :)

xoxo Many Hugs

Nan & Mike said...

So beautiful! And how nice of them to give you another :) I love all of my memorial jewelry, it helps me feel I am honoring them :) Love, Nan xo