Monday, February 15, 2010


Tina sent me this picture over the weekend, so sweet of her to think of us and our boys! They were certainly on our minds!

Sweet story.........Sierra had a friend over on Saturday and was showing her our house. I over heard them talking when Allie asked "why is this room empty". Sierra said "it was my brothers Max and Benjamin, they only lived 10 minutes". Allie then asked "how many brothers do you have??" and Sierra replied "four!". It melted my heart!


Andrea said...

How sweet that Sierra remembers her brothers. Bittersweet, but what a heartfelt thought.

Hope that you are well and know that I think of you often. Sending prayers your way...


DeniFay said...

Oh that comment from sweet Sierra melts my heart as well!!! Isn't it nice when someone else remembers our babies?!? Sending you love and hugs sweet friend!!