Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Santa called again this year...."sounded a lot like Grandpa

What a crazy last two weeks! Today is Sunday December 28 and the snow is finally all gone. (I have not drove since Dec. 13th and can not find my keys!!) I have a wedding tomorrow starting at am I going to get up that early?? I have been sleeping in the last two weeks since Sierra is out of school and we have been snowed in! Another wonderful holiday season has come and quickly gone. Our decorations and tree are already down and put away. Getting ready for a new year...2009. We ended up having christmas eve and christmas day at our house because of the snow. This year Aaron's family from Buffalo spent the holidays with us but not without a hitch. They were going to fly in on Saturday December 19th but got stuck in the storm and didn't get in until late Monday December 21st. They left early Saturday morning and over the next three days flew from Buffalo to Chicago, Dallas, Burbank, San Fran and then finally into Portland. It was so great to have them for the holidays it will be sad to see them go tomorrow!!!! I hope everyone has a fabulous 2009!!! P.S. Our favorite gift....The Wii!!!! Thanks Sue and Glen!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008