Monday, February 11, 2008

McClure Family Visit!

Aaron’s dear friend Sean and his family came for a visit. Sean was in the Navy with Aaron and is interviewing with Bonneville just like Aaron did last year. His wife Erin and beautiful son Ian were able to come along this trip! Ian is 8 months and a very HAPPY baby! We have enjoyed having them and will be sad to see them go. They like to hang out and eat good food just like we do! They will have to move from their home in Colorado when Sean starts his new job in June. One of the places they could move to is The Dallas. We took a long drive to look around at their possible new home. Along the way we made many stops. Once for lunch at the Full Sail Brewery and the others to take pictures. We went up Hwy I-84 and came back on the Washington side. A little longer drive but worth it. Cheers!


Katie Jervis Photography said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful photos! Nice work.

Jennifer Dunaway said...

Wow Ang, you just keep getting better and better. The quality of your photos is so impressive!