Monday, February 4, 2008

and the winner is.................

As most of you know I like to read People magazine and visit Therefore I am always full of useless knowledge about the celebrity world. With that being said had a contest for the worst/best bridesmaids dress in honor of the movie 27 dresses. For fun I submitted a picture that Katie took at our wedding in Jamaica of Jen walking down the isle. I just got an email today and it WON! The picture is going to be on a featured slideshow on I am not sure when but I would think in the next week or so! Jen looked so beautiful and Katie is the best photographer I know so it was fun that the photo got picked! If you want to see more of Katie’s work, check out her website. She just updated all her wedding photos and some of our wedding photos are on it. I have stared working for Katie part time as her studio manager and was her second shooter for my first wedding two weeks ago. Katie is giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work for her studio; I just can’t thank her enough! Keep checking out my blog as I will start posting pictures that I take as her second shooter as well as personal photos.

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