Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Bunny Evie - 5 Months!

Evie turned five months old this past Saturday, April 16th. Where has the time gone? I know everyone says I'm living it!

Katie offered to take a few photos, ok I asked, in her tutu and bunny ears for Easter. During the shoot Sarah and her sweet daughter Caeley showed up so we had to get a couple of the KKP babies! She also took some of Evie and I, we don't have too many together. My question.....are we sure she is mine? She looks EXACTLY like her daddy Aaron. Everyone asks me with caution who I think she looks like. I say her dad and they let out a sigh and say that's what I thought. She has her dad's beautiful olive skin and amazing green eyes! Lucky girl!

Just in the past couple days she has started sitting up on her own. Hunched over a little but can sit longer each time she tries! She has also discovered her toes and loves to hold onto them. I'm sure it's just a matter of time until she tries to eat them like she does everything else. She is a busy body and you can no long have anything sharp or small in her reach. She is such a happy baby, good sleeper and as always a good eater.

P.S. Caeley thought tutu was the funniest word! It was so cute!


Tina said...

She is amazing!! And I was going to say how much she looks like her daddy! I know how you feel, none of our kids look like me! It's just not fair! All we go through, they should look like us a little! Oh well...miss you!!

Deni said...

She is so stinking cute! Love those rolls, babies should be chunky!!! She is a little mini-Aaron, and a cutie pie to boot! You look gorgeous as usual too!!! Squeeze those sweet cheeks of hers for me! Muahhh!

Lindsay said...

I love her! Cady can't wait to play with her cousin! What an adorable, amazing baby girl you and Aaron have made. :) Good job, mama! She is amazing. xoxo