Saturday, March 19, 2011

4 months old!

My baby girl is 4 months already. Once again we had a mini photo shoot to "stop" this moment in time. She is wearing the knitted sweater and adorable hat that Aaron's Grandma Jean made for Evie. It is so cute on her and such treasured items that were made with love.

As I'm sitting here I am watching Sierra play with Evie....I am blessed is so many ways! I love that I have two daughters. I love that Evie will have a sister! (I always wanted one) I love that I have a caring husband who loves his daughters more than anything. Oh I could go on and on!

You should see Evie's face as she watches her big sister.....lots and lots of smiles, laughs and cooing!!!


heather v keeling said...

gorgeous photos, gorgeous baby girl! happy 4 months! hope to see you soon!

Deni said...

Beautiful pictures! Her eyes have so much expression like a million words are coming out of them! So happy for Evie and Sierra to have one another, there is nothing like having a sister and I'm so very glad you have that for your girls! I wouldn't trade my sister for all the gifts in the world!!!!