Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evie's Birth Story

February 28, 2010......we were pregnant again! We were overjoyed but scared. Would this pregnancy be different than the last? We already had an amazing Doctor and Perinatologist picked out to help us through the next 9 months which helped with the fear. As time went on we hit milestone after milestone with no complications. Starting at 16 weeks we had weekly ultrasounds, each one was different and I loved seeing our little girl! The whole pregnancy we were PRAYING we could make it to 34 our surprise she was so content that we had to schedule an induction at 40 weeks 5 days. We knew she was at least 8lbs and we didnt want to go much longer. Both Dr. Pew and I felt comfortable with that timeline. I also wanted to make sure that she would be the Dr. to deliver our baby!

At midnight on Monday November 15th Aaron and I drove to the hospital to start the labor and delivery process. That evening we had dinner with my parents, The Sagnotti's and Farrah, our last hurrah for Taco Monday at McQueens! It was such a weird feeling to say goodbye that night to our dear friend Farrah (she was taking care of Johnny and Lucy for us!) knowing that when we came home days later our little girl would be with us.

When we checked into the hospital there was a eerie quietness but nice that they were all ready for us. They started the Cervidil, to help my cervix soften, and I was tucked into bed (Aaron on the couch) by 2am. I thought it would be hard to sleep but apparently I didnt have a problem. I was woke up around 5am by the nurse saying that I didnt need my second dose of Cervidil as I was contracting on my own...the great news is I didnt even feel it! The plan was to start the Pitocin at 7am but again because I was contracting on my own there was no need.

Tuesday morning, November 16, 2010, at 9am Dr. Pew came in and broke my water. By 9:30 I was having contractions every one-two minutes and I could now feel them!!! Around 11am my nurse came in to say she had ordered my epidural and oh did I love her at that moment. It takes about 30-45 for the Anesthesiologist so I was very happy he was on his way. By 11:30 it was in and the drugs were doing their job. I could finally lay back and relax! I was checked at 3pm and was dilated to 7cm, 4:30pm 10 cm and ready to push! With some great coaching from Aaron, who never left my side, I pushed and pushed....almost two hours later NO progress! At that point Dr. Pew said I could push for another hour or we could move to have a c-section. We both decided quickly to have the c-section. I cried all the way to the operating room but was more than willing to do anything to make sure our little girl arrived in this world safely. We entered the operating room at 7:06pm. Aaron watched the whole surgery as a nurse took photos with my camera! (see all her photos below)

Evelyn Jeanette Tabaczynski (it only took us three days to name her) was born at 7:23 that evening! I can't explain the feeling the first time we heard that sweet cry! Aaron and I both burst into tears as soon as we heard her and he never left her side. She was 9lbs 8oz and 21.5 inches. Come to find out she was face up with her chin lodged in my pelvis so the c-section ended up being the only option. I was taken to recovery and Aaron went with Evie to see her first bath and hold her in the nursery. We couldn't leave until Saturday, perfect timing to pick up Sierra who came down to visit for week for Thanksgiving break! When we got home Aaron said "I finally have all my family together and I couldn't be happier!"

Evie had her two week check up yesterday and is now 10lbs 1oz and in the 95th percentile for height and weight. She perfect and healthy!! We are so in love and feel so blessed to have two healthy girls! We can't thank everyone enough for all the prayers and support! This has been a long road and we could not have done it without you!


sbruce said...

Congrats! She is such a lucky girl to have amazing parents and the best big sister in the world! Cheers to all 4 of you! Sierra :)

Tina said...

No words...just happiness! xx

DeniFay said...

Oh Angie, those pictures are amazing and Evie is tooo precious! I read with tears in my eyes and am so very happy for you, hubby, and Sierra! Enjoy every moment!