Friday, November 5, 2010

My Baby Shower

My amazing friends Jen & Tia hosted a beautiful baby shower at my parents house for us back in September! The food was delicious, the decorations were just my style and my friends made it the perfect celebration! Please enjoy the Slideshow!

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who were able to make it and celebrate with me! I would not have made it these last 10 months without your love and support! I also thank you for all the special gifts, needless to say our little girl is already very spoiled!!


Andrea said...


Can I just tell you how very happy all these precious photos make me! I cry as I look at them...tears of joy, as this has been a long, hard road and you deserve every ounce of happiness from this day forward :)

What a wonderful shower! The japanese lanterns are fab, as are the Gerber Daisies and oh the tiers of sweets! And the wonderful, loving friends who show just how much they care about you. So sweet :)

And you look amazing! By the way, that dress is can send it my way. LOL

Many Hugs and Many Prayers for a life of love and laughter...arms full :)


DeniFay said...

I hope I'm half as cute as you when I'm preggo! YOu are the cutest ever!! Seriously! Looks like you had a fabulous shower! Can't wait to meet your girl!!