Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well it officially all feels so very real. I had my bi-weekly doctor's appointment today at 28 weeks and had my first 3-D what a crazy thing! Our Slovick jeans must be strong because my mom and I both thought she looked like my niece Sunday. The tech took looks of photos for us so of course I just had to share. (kind of creepy but so fun at the same time!) This was my last ultrasound this pregnancy. I guess I shouldn't complain, I did get to have 8, most people only get 1 or 2!

My cervix is very long and strong, in fact my doctor said that she has never seen a cervix "grow" this late in a pregnancy. We joked that I'll now have to have a c-section at 42 weeks because she wont want to come out. Not a bad problem to have. :) I also had the 1 hour glucose test today for gestational diabetes and passed! Last but not least they measured my placenta previa. In the last two weeks it has moved away from the cervix 2mm. All clear for a V-birth when she is ready to make her entrance! How are we so blessed to have a "normal" pregnancy? Can't look back, just have to trust in god's plan!

7 months and starting the third trimester marks another milestone for us and the baby! She weighs almost 3lbs and is measuring very long. I think she is going to be tall like her daddy. She is pretty much fully developed, right down to her eyelashes, she now just needs to put on weight! She can see, taste, recognize touch and the sound of my voice.

I can't believe we've made it to this point! We have our family/flamingo baby shower this weekend and we are so excited! It's fun to get to do things this pregnancy that we didnt get to do last time. Aaron's mom, Sue, Aunt Jeanie, Cousin Nathan (best man at our wedding) and his beautiful wife Nicki are all coming from far away for the event. Excited to spend the week with them!! Thank you to all our dear friends and family that have showed support though out this pregnancy and our loss last year. We would NOT be to this point without you!


Tina said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her!!

Bea said...

Congratulations Angie. I am so very excited for you. There is no greater job, than that of a mom!!

heather v keeling said...

happy third trimester! i am so glad that you are having such a great pregnancy experience this time- amazing, isn't it? xo!

Lindsay said...

So cool, Angie! I love love LOVE the pics! It is already clear that my niece is going to be a beauty. :)