Friday, May 28, 2010

Twin's Heavenly 1st Birthday

There are so many reasons I love the talented and lovely Kate Kelly but this time she took my breath away. I asked her is she could take a couple photos the night of the celebration and she did, she did more than a friend could ever ask for! She captured my family, my friends, the butterfly release, my 15th week of pregnancy and the overall feeling of the evening! I will let her photos speak for themselves.........

Click here to watch the amazing slideshow by the amazing Kate Kelly!

Thank you Katie and to everyone who came in support of Aaron, Sierra, the boys and I. A big thank you to Butterflies and Prayers for donating the butterflies we released in their honor!!!!


GameKnight said...

Ya'll do some very fine work with those cameras. Lovely.

Andrea said...

Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday sweet've touched the lives of many, as has your Mommie.

Angie, so happy to see that you are adorable you look! Wishing you well always.

The butterfly release is beautiful.


Andrea said...

Just watched the video diary, *tears*. What a wonderful friend to do this for you.