Monday, April 5, 2010

The miracle of life.....

After many long years of trying to get pregnant one of my most favorite people in this world decided to go through IVF. It has been a long and emotional couple months for her and her husband. They finally had two fertilized eggs put in yesterday, Easter Sunday! This picture is her babies 5 days after fertilization. I think it's just amazing and beautiful so I had to share. She will take a pregnancy test next Tuesday and I can't wait to see that + sign!!! Please pray that her little one/ones implant and grow to healthy babies over the next 9 months!

I love you dear and I'm here for you always!

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Nan & Mike said...

Prayers!!! There is nothing better than getting a BFP after going thru doc appts, u/s, shots, anesthesia and more doc appts poking and prodding! xxxooo