Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still don't understand.....

It will be 9 months on Saturday February 20th and all I can say is I STILL don't understand!


Tina said...

I still don't understand either Angie. I've been cleaning out a drawer and going through receipts. I keep coming across the ones that are dated when everything was right in the world and then there are the ones that are dated right after everything went to hell. I am an emotional mess. Sorry, I guess that is not very uplifting for you to read, but I guess you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. xx

Angie Tabaczynski said...

Thank you Tina! I do that too...look at dates from last year to see where my life was. Just so hard still! You get it ;) xoxo

Andrea said...

I still don't understand either. However, know that you are not walking this journey alone. I'm coming up on 1 year since we set out to add to our lives, which may not seem that long for some, but when you live the day to day disappointment and feel the grief it seems like an eternity.

Yet, I refuse to lay down and die. I want my life back! I want to feel Joy again :) I will, you WILL too. Know that nothing can escape our grasp if we continue to BELIEVE.

I'll be moving on to phase II in this journey in March. Testing and such, but was reminded by Nan that I'm blessed to have alternatives. Wow! An eye opener! Yes, I'm blessed there are alternatives!

Stay strong...we will never know or understand, but at least we don't have to walk alone. We're here for you :)


DeniFay said...

I don't understand it either, but I know that I am greatful each day that my journey is not lonely as I have great people like you to walk it with me. I wish I could give some understanding, but I don't believe there is any. Just know that you have my love, prayers, and support always!