Thursday, January 14, 2010

A poem dedicated to our angels......

With every dark road there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some very special STRONG women have come into my life since the loss of Max & Benjamin this past May. I can't thank them enough for the support, understanding and a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. Sometimes you just want to hear, from someone that has gone through it,'s ok! From the bottom of my heart I thank Nan, Tina, Deni, Mamakate, Andrea & Debra......just to name a few. Katie (mamakate) wrote this poem on one of my favorite websites to visit,, and she said it was ok to share. Thank you for walking with me mamakate!

"thank you for walking with me"

You didn't know me but you took my hand, eased my heart, helped me walked with me!...When my heart was hurting and grief drowned my soul you shed tears with me because this pain you also know!... You walked with me!...In times of joy when a smile came across my face you listened, you loved me your kindness can never be erased!.,. You walked with me!...Our journeys while different are the same in many ways, the pain has eased but still tugs on us most days. I reflect on where this road will take us as hand in hand we go i don't know much for certain but there is one thing i clearly know we haven't walked this path alone our "angels" have been guiding the way there light will never go out, in our hearts they will forever stay!.,.. You walked with me!!!

Dedicated to our angels who are walking with us, and all the angel moms walking together on this site! Sending you all lots of love and prayers ( thanks for walking with me!) and thank you Andrea for your inspiration!
Love Katie!


Nan & Mike said...

Awwww! You are so sweet :) I did love this poem and thank you for such sweet words. Wouldn't be where I am without you all either, that is for sure! Love, Nan xo

Andrea said...

Angie T,

Thank you for walking with Me :) Though this road has been long and tiring I am glad to have you at my side. Your words have picked me up many times when I was blue and I will always be grateful for your friendship.

Much Love as we continue our journeys to great success!

DeniFay said...

That is beautiful!! Thank you for being part of my constant support system. The pain we've suffered is hard, but the gift of these friendships will live forever and I'm eternally greatful to you and my other ladies for supporting me, encouraging me, loving me, and letting me vent! Hugs and love to you!!