Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deer Lake

This past weekend my mom and I drove over to Deer Lake to spend the weekend at our cousin's lake cabin. I grew up on this lake, we spent a week there every summer with my cousins. I have SO many fond memories from this lake. I got to take Sierra there two years ago, fun to pass onto the next generation. I didn't take very many photos but got a couple good ones. The weather was crap, a high of 63 all weekend. On Saturday it rained and a couple rainbows popped up that spread from one end of the lake to the other. It was so beautiful...kind of missed the double rainbow as I was running to get my camera. It was breath taking. I think it was the boys saying hello!


Nan said...

Definitely your boys sending you a message that they love you!!! Beautiful!!! Love, Nan xo

Tina said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Nan & Mike said...

I nominated you for an award - come check my site. Hugs, Nan xo