Thursday, July 9, 2009

Health Update

I lost my twins at 20 weeks on May 20th due to IC. Devastation is the only word I can think of right now. It has been 7 weeks since their birth. I went to my general practitioner last week to have a complete physical, make sure that I am ready for my next (hopefully sooner than later) pregnancy. (my ob/gyn did not do ONE follow up test) All blood tests came back normal. Then I had an ultrasound yesterday. (super sucked, brought back memories of seeing my babies on screen. hated the my uterus was empty!) Found out I have a "mass" in my enlarged uterus, my doctor and radiologist had no idea what it was. My ob/gyn thinks it is left over "stuff" from the birth. I now have to have a D&C next week. I am really scared and hate that I now have to start over. It will be another couple months before we can start trying again and even then how long will it take to get pregnant? Ahhhhh, I just want to scream!! Why do I have to jump back on this emotional roller coaster again!?! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, it really helps us through this difficult time!

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