Monday, June 22, 2009 i lay me down to sleep......

It's official....I am now an assistant volunteer photographer for this special organization. Hopefully I will be able to take beautiful pictures that the family will forever treasure as well as provide support like so many have for me and my family!

NILMDTS Mission Statement:

To introduce remembrance
photography to parents
suffering the loss of a baby
with the free gift of
professional portraiture.
We believe these images
serve as an important step
in the family’s healing
process by honoring their
child’s legacy.


Nan and Mike said...

This is wonderful Angie!! Congrats on being a part of something so so special :) xoxo

Nan and Mike said...

I wrote about you today - just thinkin of ya xoxox

Tina said...

I found your blog through Nan. I just lost my twins 2 months ago and it is so hard. It is WONDERFUL that you have joined NILMDTS. I wish I had known of this service before I had my girls. I wish you the best of luck in your healing and with NILMDTS.

Angie Tabaczynski said...

Hi Tina,
SO very sorry to hear about your girls. Would love to chat with you, email me if/when you get a chance.
Thanks for your sweet comments!