Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Break in AZ!

The view looking down towards my Aunts house!

Randy Johnson pitching!

Slide rock.....the water was mountain run off! It was SO cold!!
Grandpa gave her $5 for getting in the water.

Beautiful Sedona!

Aaron in his happy place!

UH....a little too fast for my mom! LOVE this picture!

My family and my parents stayed at my aunts house for spring break this year. Arizona is one of my favorite places! I would move there in a heartbeat...if I could only convince Aaron! (trust me I have tried!) The weather was perfect and we all had the best time. Even when I made my mom drive miles to find a Dairy Queen! We went to a Giants/Mariners spring training game, spent a day in Sedona and hit the pool everyday! Click here to enjoy the Slideshow!

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