Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Family Vacation to Montana

Ok I am SO late on this post. This past August we took a vacation with our family to Montana. We went with Aaron's parents and Aunt & Uncle from Buffalo. Barb planned a wonderful vacation for us all to go to Yellowstone National Park. She planned, we showed up! We stayed in a beautiful cabin that over looked a little town called Jardine next to the north entrance of the park. It was a fun filled week of fly fishing, sight seeing, hiking, eating and a just a little drinking. (ha ha) We saw lots of animals but not as many as we thought we would. You always knew when there was a sighting because cars would back up the two lane road. Every time we pulled up to one we would we guess if it was a "moose jam" or "bear jam" or..... On one of our drives we found a very old cemetery. All the children under two years old had a white fence around their head stone. It was very creepy but neat to see. We had a wonderful relaxing vacation!! Thanks Barb, Joe, Keith and Susie!! Please click here to enjoy our Slideshow!

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Kate said...

Beautiful images and processing, you go girl!