Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to School!

I took a class this fall at PCC to learn the "basics" of photography. I know I have the passion yet I have no idea what "f-stop" means! It was a 6 week course and perfect to take in the Fall. The colors outside were beautiful! I learned so much from the teacher as well as other students and look forward to taking another class winter term. Aaron has been a great support while pursueing my dream, he even bought me a Canon 40D for my birthday! I posted some of my favorite pictures.


Katie Jervis Photography said...

You've got it goin' on, girlfriend! I love it! Keep up the awesome work.

Mrs. Laui said...

You rock! You definitely have an eye for awesome photographic moments and objects! Who would have guessed way back when... Angie - photography? :) Way to go!