Thursday, April 26, 2012

a finished product - the birth story of clara christine

What can I say....Katie does amazing work and is one of my dearest friends for many reasons!!! Reason #112, she is talented beyond words. Reason #12, she is very thoughtful of others. Katie took the photos and Heather (another amazingly dear friend) designed this album that they made for us in celebration of Clara's birth. 

Clara was only about an hour old when she met Auntie Katie. I had text Katie about 4 am to say that I was on my way to the hospital but did not have a chance to give her an update. As soon as I got to the recovery room the nurse told me that "our photographer" was here. Katie was just in time to go with Aaron and Clara to get her first bath. Of course she photographed all morning, bless her heart, and took precious photos that I will FOREVER treasure! Knowing that I have still not done a wedding album (married in 2007) OR a birth story album for Evie (yep have the photos!), Katie and Heather gave me the gift of a finished product, a gorgeous album.  MUCH love to Katie and Heather!

Here are the rest of the photos to Clara's birth story that maybe didn't make the album but are still album worthy.