Monday, June 20, 2011

Two babies!

My parents dog Annie had puppies and they kept one. Her name is Allie and she is so cute! Sierra and my dad named her, a combination of the two names they both liked. I "puppy sat" today while my mom was at work and of course had to take photos and video. It was fun to watch Evie and Allie play!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gorgeous Sierra!

Wow.......Sierra has turned into such a beautiful young woman! She loves teaching Evie - this day she was teaching her to crawl. They make each other laugh and it's so fun to watch! I hope Evie grows up exactly like her big sister for many reasons. So lucky to have my two girls!

Sister Love

I could watch these two love each other all day! When Evie sees Sierra she get the biggest smile on her face, she has known who her big sister is for months! Sierra loves to play, hold, feed, change (not diapers!), kiss and love Evie! It is so neat to watch them bond. They are each so lucky to have the other!!!

Not so likey chicken!