Thursday, August 30, 2012

About as crafty as I get.....

My friend Meri Jo and I have little girls very close in age so when Evie and Kendall were little we had their hand/foot prints done together at Ceramie Cafe. The first time Evie was three months and then I decided to do it again at one year. I painted them orange and brown. Easy, her nursery colors!

When it came to Clara's three month hand/foot print I had a harder time deciding. Not knowing what she was until she was born and with our move I never did a "nursery" for Clara. After a beer or two, thanks to MJ, I decided on pale pink and light grey as her colors. I am finally getting around to hanging pictures and decorating the house and those were the first to be hung. I LOVE these for the obvious reasons and I always want to remember how little they were!

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