Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Move!

We did it.......and most important we survived! After about a year later from the time we put the house on the market we finally made the move from Milwuakie to Happy Valley. Home to home is only about 8 miles but it was a huge move for us after being in the Laurie house for the past 9 years.

Here are a few photos from the crazy 24 hours that we had to move. I have many more to post from the Laurie home move and the transition during the build of our new home but taking one day at a time at this point. Most boxes are finally put away but still lots of work to do. We could not be happier and are so glad this all worked out as it did. Through the whole process we said what is meant to happen will happen and we really feel like it did. WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME! It is perfect for our family and I see many happy years and many special memories to be made here.

MANY MANY THANKS to all who helped us with the move. It went smoothly and we could not have done it without your help!

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sntabz said...

Evie didn't like all those people, did she?